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Why is the Nevada Caucus Important?

Why is the Nevada Caucus Important? The Nevada Caucus will be the third step in the 2016 United States presidential election process after Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. The Nevada Caucus came into prominence in 2008 when the Democrats moved the date of the Nevada Caucus into the third overall spot and the fist …

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GOP Debate 2/13/16

GOP CBS South Carolina Debate 2-13-16

Bernie Sanders Speaks at UNR

Bernie Sanders Speaks at UNR on 2/13/16

Clinton on Immigration in Nevada

Hillary Clinton speaks at Town Hall Meeting in Nevada, early in the race.

Recent Poll Has Nevada Democratic Candidates in a Dead Heat

TargetPoint (R)/Washington Free Beacon. Nevada Democratic Caucus Survey Topline Results N= 1,236 Potential Democratic Caucus Goers February 8-10, 2016 The recent poll them at a 45% – 45% tie with 9% undecided. 

Nevada Caucus Date

Nevada Caucus Dates: Democrats – Saturday February 20 GOP – Tuesday February 23