Clinton Wins! – Live Nevada Democratic Caucus Results

Clinton Nevada

Hillary Clinton Wins the Nevada Caucus!

Precinct Delegate Count – 95% precincts reported

Hillary Clinton — 6316 – 52.6% (19 Delegates)

Bernie Sanders – 5575 – 47.3% (15 Delegates)



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  1. Gerald

    Go Hillary!!

    1. Destiny

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      1. Summer

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      1. Dalton

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  2. Fred S

    Close one, two great candidates, but we need a proven leader.
    Hillary Clinton 2016

    1. Jayce

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      to heart, people like you want to work against the grain and use those same old tired, divisive tactics of the past so that you can continue in selfishness and greed. I wish I could flush you and people who think like you down the toilet and be rid of you forever. Did you know that the word “REPENT” literally means to change your way of thinking?

      1. Minerva

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  3. Anonymous

    I agree, we need a proven leader, the one with more experience. That’s Bernie on both counts!

  4. LW

    Hillary 2016!! Hillary is the only one qualified for the POTUS. It’s funny how Sanders dodges questions on national security or foreign policy. Also, if Sanders thinks free college tuition and free healthcare is going to come about because it is his wish, dream on. What he’s proposing will be challenged in the courts for years. Look at Obamacare, this took forever to get passed and it’s still being challenged. Also, Sanders track record with minorities is not that great. Sanders does not live in reality nor do his supporters.

  5. Anonymous

    If Shill wins the nomination, there’d will be a republican president.

    1. Lisa

      there is a lot of truth to that sad but true…

      1. Rosalinda

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  6. Chris

    Bernie is the man! If Clinton wins I will be writing his name in come November. My candidate cannot be bought!

    1. Mike

      Being bought is BS. Bernie will not get what he wants through Congress and the Senate. Obama tried for 7 years.
      Compromise is how Washington works,not your fantasy revolution. I get it, like it, but also have watched politics for 30 years and it is a slow system, but it works.
      Clinton – Sanders 2016

  7. Anonymous


  8. Skylar

    Hillary congratulations. Good job Bernie! Almost!
    I felt the Bern and am not giving it up, but I don’t hate Hillary. Should would be a good president.
    Sanders – Clinton 2016!!!

  9. George

    F Bernie Sanders, a Socialist/ Free College? Free health Care? I am 24 and even I know…pull your head out your ass!!!
    I am thinking Independent, Kasich, or Clinton, but no way on Sanders.

    1. Gopal

      Riiight. You’re 24 and WE need to pull our heads out? Wipe the afterbirth from behind your ears before you speak, child. http://www.occupydemocrats.com/2016/01/14/170-top-economists-pen-letter-backing-bernie-sanders-plan-to-break-up-the-biggest-banks/

      1. Phil

        Gopal I will go really slow for you since you just got schooled by a 24 year old. Just because Bernie sanders wants to do something, it doesn’t mean he can. He must get through the Congress and a 60-40 fillabuster-proof senate.
        We democrats are really getting sick of you Bernie losers. He will never be president.
        He has been in the government for over 30 years and has never got any of these wild dreams done. Clinton did more for the working Americans in 8 years as a Senator than he has done.
        Bernie = TALK.

    2. Idalia

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  10. Steve W

    Hillary Clinton is a good person. For all the haters, name the “crime” she committed. Name what she did illegally.
    What’s that? Can’t hear you…because there is nothing.
    It is called Right Wing hot air for 30 years now….

    1. Eve

      Yes, it does… and its not just the giving birth thing eih&ret#8230; it's the total loss of privacy because honestly I cannot remember the last time I used the bathroom at home and not have a visitor.

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