2016 Democratic Nevada Caucus Mock Results


Hillary Clinton Wins the Nevada Caucus!
*Predictions based on poll data, caucus history, and other trends.

Hillary Clinton — 52%
Bernie Sanders – 48%



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  1. Louise Hallqvist

    Bernie is for ALL the Americans, please vote for Bernie 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    PLEASE vote Hillary – she is better for the country

    1. I'm With Her

      Hillary is getting my vote. She is the most qualified candidate running.

      1. Anonymous

        Then say hello to President Trump because I won’t support that corporatist even if you had a gun pointed at my head. #feelthebern

        1. Dustin Neumann


        2. John

          We don’t want your vote if you would rather have Trump than Bernie. Clearly you are an unworthy voter.

  3. John

    Nice prediction BTW!

  4. JoAnn

    Go Hillary!!! The caucus was great. Sanders supporters are wonderful people. we need to unite at some point, and hopefully it’s with Hillary!
    Good guessing Nevada Caucus…

  5. Noel

    Hillary is going to loose , She is the worst thing that could ever happen to this good USA, She is the most dishonest individual and a liar

  6. Anonymous

    Nevada caught on tape.

    1. Clarinda

      Elena dupa cum ti-am raspuns si pe mail, mai scriu odata si aici pentru alte cititoare care au aceeasi problema ca si a ta. Mascarponele se poate inlocui cu branza pheipdilahla, sau cu alt timp de crema de branza.

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