Trump Has Large Lead in CNN Nevada Caucus Poll




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  1. Walter in Vegas

    I can’t believe that almost 40% of Nevada Republican caucus goers indicate that they would vote for a first term senator — again? vs Great Again!
    Managing a senatorial staff of about 100 and a budget of only $5 million doesn’t compare to managing over 500 corporations with success measured in billions of dollars.
    Experience with (please fill in an issue) doesn’t equate to the ability to manage it.
    Research each candidates positions on issues and make a decision on the next commander in chief based on the probability of success and not on the ability to be glib during video soundbites.
    Consider which can build a creditable team to preside over our country and do it without the entanglements of donors and lobbyists or political hanger-on.

    1. VOC

      Having just watched the South Carolina Primary. It is clear that the only candidate that can beat the Democrats is Donald Trump. Cruz is finished because Trump got more evangelical votes. Rubio will be the biggest loser albeit it may take longer, since he is being helped by the Establishment main stream Media & Gang of 8 Thugs that ruin Washington. This is also because people mostly want a boarder wall, and legal immigration overwhelminly favoring Trump. And lets not forget that winning big so far gives Trump an even bigger momentum than the rest.

  2. Gerald

    Not a GOP, but what was wrong with the 1 term senator? Obama has been an excellent president.
    Might want to check the 4.9% unemployment, the $2.00 gas, the shrinking budget deficit, and the dead Bin Landen and where we were when he took over.
    Put down the AM radio sheep….

  3. Rick

    And let’s not forget the 9 trillion dollars that he used to,pay for it!

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone that would think Obama was a good president is totally out to lunch.

  5. Gerald

    Based on what? Because the facts are he has done very well.
    Deficit handed: $1.3 trillion — Today $500 Billionish
    Jobless rate 9.2% — Today 4.9%
    See those are 2 facts, not just AM radio, uneducated remarks.
    Next Right Wing idiot please.

  6. mark

    $2 gas is the result of monopolistic oil play by Saudi Arabia to drive american oil into bankruptcy. Saudi oil break even price is $93 per barrel vs $35 price for shale oil here in America. Saudi has the cash to go 6 more yrs running in the red to insure a complete collapse of american oil production. Once completed look for $5 to $7 gas as they will most certainly want to recover their intentional yearly loses
    Obama has ..at every turn done nothing for american oil and made all efforts to abet the Saudis.

  7. Rod

    Before you make up your mind look at what their policies are on the issues. Don’t decide on just the name calling and rhetoric. Look at where they stand for the future.

    Dr. Ben Carson has the most comphrensive set of solutions for our problems than any candidate. Look at
    Before you make a decision.

  8. Rod

    Before you make up your mind, find out where they stand on the issues. Don’t decide just on all the rhetoric.

    Dr. Ben Carson has the most comprehensive set of plans on the issues of all the candidates. You owe it to yourself to look at his policies before you decide.

    You can find his plans on his website:


  9. Scott

    Are we not sick and tired of political b…….!! Let Trump be a straight shooter and not another bought and paid for politician. He is what America needs, someone who is not afraid to tell or say what we all are thinking. Do we really care about being politically correct, or our country and people first. Love his idea’s on immigration, trade, let’s all face the truth some people need to be bullied back. I think he is the man for the job.

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