Nevada Ignored by GOP Pollsters

Due to the fact there has not been a single GOP poll in Nevada since December 27, we have to use date showing the average of all polls up to that point (shown below  as Pollster Trend).
We would expect to see Donald Trump and Ted Cruz 1 and 2, but Carson has likely fallen.  Rubio is probably at #3 and Kasich is likely to have seen a bump. Here is a more likely picture of the Nevada Caucus poll as of 2-14-16.
Trump – 38%
Cruz – 26%
Rubio – 17%
Kasich – 8%
Bush – 6%
Carson – 5%



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  1. Ed

    How is there no polling in Nevada when they are so early? I am sure Kasich is higher..and Ben Carson at 18% OMG. Cruz or Kasich…let’s see a real poll!

  2. Terri

    No way trump can be at 38% in Nevada. Las Vegas hates Trump!

  3. Gerry Z

    Well, it is Nevada, not just Las Vegas, you have a lot more simple, uneducated types up north. They would buy anything from a snake oil salesmen like Trump.
    Ted Cruz 2016!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for the glowing opinion of your northern brethren. I appreciate your uneducated view of how we live. Please feel free to visit before you cast all 8n a very narrow mold.

  5. Anonymous

    what is the GOP hidong? no mention of. hop stats in Nevada. same goes in SC.. no real discussion for dnc stats. it’s all rigged. time to clean house. Vote Cruz 2016!

  6. Anonymous

    Why is trump kicking everyone ass he never even ran for class president, he must be smarter than hell

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