GOP Debate 2/13/16


GOP CBS South Carolina Debate 2-13-16


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  1. Thomas H

    Holy Crap! This is embarrassing. Can we get a decent man to run for president. John Kasich was decent…Wow!

    1. Susannah

      I’ve been checking back reguarly waiting to see if you posted them, though several have trickled onto CAF…They are ALL amazing. As a huge Huntress fan it’s awesome to see her getting some love. She looks fa&clstitn#8230;aove that she looks classy but still she’s capable of doing damage. The Domino one is insane! They’re all great. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carl

    God Trump is a bafoon. Please Nevada, don’t vote for this moron.

  3. Billy H

    Ted Cruz is Nevada! He stands for God, Guns, and America!!
    TED CRUZ 2016

  4. Anonymous

    Go Trump!!!!

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