Recent Poll Has Nevada Democratic Candidates in a Dead Heat

TargetPoint (R)/Washington Free Beacon. Nevada Democratic Caucus Survey Topline Results N= 1,236 Potential Democratic Caucus Goers February 8-10, 2016

The recent poll them at a 45% – 45% tie with 9% undecided. 



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  1. Susan

    Hillary is strong in Nevada. We support her! Good luck!

  2. Frank G.

    Sanders is an excellent motivator and Clinton knows how to get it done. It sounds like a good team to me.
    Clinton – Sanders 2016

  3. don m

    anyone taking money from big banks and big corp.has a problem with my vote
    Bernie 2016 is the only choices

    1. Gerald

      That’s because you’re naive.
      Clinton 2016

  4. Pat

    Bernie is a good man but he wants to give everything away and no way to pay for it. If he cannot raise enough momey from spectulators on Wall street, then what? He would have to keep increasing your taxes to pay for his give-aways. get wise people.

    1. Dennis Randall

      Bernie does not want to give anything away. He want to take back the American Dream which was robbed from the middle class by the wealthy elite and Wall Street

    2. Alvin

      So let me get this straight, bernie listens to people, people want fixing things at home with better healthcare, better schooling, better banking, wants the rich to pay their fair share, wants more jobs and bernie says…yes….I believe we can do that.

      And everyone goes in an uproar saying “it’s free…it’s free…..nothing is free….omg, he’s going to ruin us.”

      Nooooo, he’s not going to ruin us. His plans save 5 trillion off the national debt (economists agree) all the while…..putting money where it’s more important to the american people and people say…oh no…it’s free….

      ok….so where do you want your money to be spent?

      1. Gerald

        Alvin: HE WILL GET NOTHING PASSED! Have you been around the last 7 years?

    3. Nenad

      Waging wars is expensive. Paying corporations and contractors to rebuild that which we and others destroyed in these wars is also expensive. Bernie will save money by refraining from wars, and repair American reputation to boot.

  5. Nenad

    Hillary proposes adjusting the politics as usual so that she wins the election. She plays on our American ignorance of the wider world. Bernie understands the reality better, and he sees farther. His policies, which sound revolutionary here, are commonplace in many other countries, and they work well. Go along with students. They are smart and honest, and they have the greatest stake in our country’s future.

    1. Terry

      Bernie won’t win so just shut up. Bernie as commander in chief? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. WDB

    The game is rigged against Bernie. All the super delegates are going to Hillary. Bernie could win every primary and caucus and the super delegates will go for Hillary.
    Bernie won NH big and Hillary got all the delegates. Not fair to Bernie at all.

  7. WDB

    Hillary has 483 delegates and Bernie has 55 delegates. How can this be fair?

  8. WDB

    Hillary has 483 delegates and Bernie has 55. How can this be fair?

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